Jade Barret " Spirit " ciondolo


  1. "Spirit" was made using bees wax shaping it and marking it how i want it to be. It is then sent to the fonderia to be cast, they use a salt like material and make a mould. The wax is then melted away and the metal poured in. This makes the final product. After a lot of sanding down and shining it was finished. "Spirit" is a square collana with four dots at the top then a line seperating more dots. In the middle is a flower formation with the dots in an inner square framed with lines. The bottom is the same as the top, three shell shapes hang loosely on the bottom with jagged lines in. I have taken inspiration from the research i have done on african trible jewellery. I enjoyed the colours and the earthy feel they had. I wanted to do the opposite of a trible collana that showed the woman was married, it was so restricted and she looked like a prisoner. The bright beads have inspired the colour of my packaging and influenced me on the dots. I have looked at a shell and leather collana for the lines and shell shapes. from my research i have mainly taken the earthly feel of the tribes this i am very happy about, i wanted to show the tribes women a stylish alternive to there restricting collanas. I also wanted a balance between simplisity and detail to show that a balance is needed between there traditions and there comphert. I believe i have been succsesful in this purpose.


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